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At JareApp, we’re committed to building a community that’s strong, vibrant, and connected.

Our Mission is to create an online platform that allows people to connect with their neighborhoods and get to know the people in their area.


We believe that by connecting with our local communities, We can create more meaningful relationships and more vibrant neighborhoods.

Be a part of JareApp and join our vision of creating safe and connected neighborhoods.

With JareApp, you can get to know your neighbors and stay up to date on the latest happenings in your neighborhood.


Together, We can create safer and more connected communities!

      The Neighborhood's

Connecting the neighborhood, A Neighbor for the neighbor.


We recognize that thriving communities are made up of neighbors and organizations that build stronger, more vibrant, and resilient neighborhoods. 


Neighbors: Connect with the people you already wave to in your neighborhood or those you have yet to meet.


Businesses: Instantly reach your most valuable customers — your neighbors — and become a trusted part of the neighborhood.


Nonprofits: Engage with the people who need you most and find support from donors nearby with features like Sell for Good.


Public agencies: Share critical, real-time information directly at the neighborhood level.

Large brands:  Provide locally relevant products and services that improve neighbors’ daily lives.


How we’re different?


Trust: We ensure you’re connected to real people in neighborhoods that matter to you. 

Local perspective: Whether you need to find a local professional or a lost dog, your neighbors can help and you can reach out to them instantly.


Proximity: You’re automatically connected to everyone nearby so you can build real-world connections.

Meet the Pioneers of the JareApp Community!

Welcome to JareApp, the social community created by an amazing and supportive team.


Our team is dedicated, hard-working, and all about spreading positivity in vibrant colors of blue, yellow, and green.


We work to provide a safe, relaxed, and accepting space for everyone to be accepted for who they are.

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